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These are photos of my facility. I have a room built on to my parent's home that houses all my adults and puppies. I try very hard to do this the right way and give all my dogs and pups plenty of room to play, eat, and sleep. They each have doggie doors to come in and out as they want to and the room is heated and cooled at a constant temperataure. I do have dog runs and our pups are not allowed outside until they have had their 3rd puppy shots. When weather allows, I let my dogs into our back yard to run and play, where I have lush grass to play in. It is fenced in and large. I try to do this as often as weather permits. The following photos are how my dog room and dog runs always look.

I decided to create this page for those customers that live too far away to visit me in person. I want all my customers to feel 100% comfortable doing business with me. Please, look at the testimonial page also. These are real testimonies from real people and I have changed nothing about them.  


I can honestly tell you that my facility looks like this ALL the time,

not just when I expect buyers and every time my inspector has done

a suprise visit this is the condition they found it in EVERY time.

I am out there throughout the day cleaning what needs cleaning.

If a puppy poops, it gets cleaned up.

It does not just sit there until the next cleaning in the morning.

The following pictures are of my puppy areas after the pups have been weened. I do not put more than 2 or 3 pups in any given area and I never leave a puppy by themselves. If a puppy remains when it's littermates are gone then I bring the puppy in my house and they are kept inside with me until they are sold. This is one of the reasons my puppies are so social and happy!

These are the areas where I keep mom and pups when they are born and until they are weened. Once they are about 4 weeks old I move them into a bigger area and make a pallet on the floor with with puppy pads around it and they will leave their bed and go potty on the puppy pads. I do not currently have any at this state yet and this is why I did not get any pics of the 4 week to weened stage! I put the warm pallet at one end and the puppy pads at the other end and they just seem to have a sense of what they are suppose to do. Most of my pups are pretty much puppy pad trained by 4-5 weeks of age.

The next areas are where I keep my adult dogs male and female. I keep the males separated from the females unless they are breeding. Most of the areas are large and they have large areas outside to go to also. This entire area is cleaned daily and all beds, bowls, and bedding washed and fresh put down. Floors are vaccumed and mopped daily. I am very picky about cleanliness!

The next pictures are my outside dog run areas. They are washed down every morning with all feces and urine cleaned up. It is set up for anything to drain down and out of the area as needed. There are also pictures of my yard where they can run and play in the grass and even swim in the pool if they like to in summer. When they are in the yard area they are watched constantly because of the pool. The dog run areas are bleached regularly and I have no issues with worms, fleas, ticks, or loose stools.

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