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We have our retired Maltese, Casper that is available for adoption.  He is neutered and very loving.  We do keep a belly pad on him in the house because he does occasionally like to mark but other than that we have no issues with him.  He has had his teeth cleaned and quite a few were pulled but he eats a combo of dry mixed with wet food.   We think he is about 10 years old however we don't know how old he is because we don't feel we were given his correct age when we bought him.  We were told at the time he was 14 months but our vet says he is elderly.  He has been retired for a several of years now but he is living comfortably in our home.  We are trying to rehome all retired dogs to good and loving homes.   
We also have Romeo, a chocolate toy poodle that has reached his retirement age.  He is a sweetie and just loves attention.  I will get good pictures of him soon!  Please call if you would be interested! 

We also have Gidget and Stella. They are both Bichon Frise's. Both of these ladies are loving and love to receive all the pets. They have reached retirement age. They are AKC registered. We will have picture of these ladies up soon. 



Toy Poodle


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